"Trying to determine what is going on in the world by reading newspapers is like trying to tell the time by watching the second hand of a clock." Ben Hecht

lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011


The media previously proposed has never been based in what really interested, the viewer was always bound to read, hear or see what other people wished, caused by the minimal number of media that can communicate and inform but it wasn’t allowed the access to information for your own pleasure. This situation changed dramatically with the growing trend of the new mass media, an approach involving a larger number of people but, over time, the personal approach became possible with the creation of Internet. This project began with the simple aim of creating a whole globalization of exited people which wanted to participate in entering in a virtual world where everything, absolutely everything, is related.

The problem, or rather the main characteristic, is that this was not possible, since there wasn’t an expected "union", but an individual approach to any group of persons. What I intend to express in this article is how things have turned to an individualism; specifically I want to focus on what curiously called "News a la carte."

We can summarize news as a language production that requires an event with a great importance and therefore, it has many features based mainly on current, novelty, accuracy, frequency and public interest. In contrast, the situation that we find today has one more peculiar reference to the characteristics obtained, because in our society the most influential is public interest and exactly, personal interest. In these news, self-interest plays a principal role, because we have to think for a moment that we have the possibility to choose the news which we want to read, speak or comment; so, we always tend to news that really interest us, we really address facets that we are looking for, then this is the key to Internet, which apart from its plurality in terms of content, you should always have a content based on what people want to be "elected" in this huge "menu" of contents.

Ironic picture about News "a la carte"

The media move as the interest of the event as news. An event that does not matter, it’s not selected and not published and, following as the popular method, does not exist. In contrast, currently, the mass media ensure that public attention which is a very subjective value but it is the centre of the journalistic profession. That is, all this has opened doors to many ideas, people, and qualities that previously were not paying attention, but instead, today, as we are free to choose what really interests you to each person, these ideas have been published and thus grow to the general public.

However, I didn’t want to end my idea about “News a la carte”, explaining very exactly some of the misconceptions that society itself may have. One of the concepts which are often confused in journalism is the public interest and public interest. The first focuses on the facts we affect people in everyday life, habits of conduct, ideas or beliefs, while public interest is a psychological idea as to generate ideas or emotions that move such as human drama, events, or surprising facts. We also need to distinguish between the interesting news that deal with ordinary people in unusual situations, and important news, where we could include the tragedies and bad news. This division is made mainly with regard to the concerns of the people, and this is where we start with our idea of ​​choosing what we really catchy.

Therefore, we end up with the successful conclusion of a wide possibility for readers of all Internet users and other mass media, but also a negative image for the writers, as they should really focus on what the public demands and not what they want to provide. News a la carte is, therefore, a double-edged sword.

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  1. OMG! I love your blog fran =)....hahaha I didn't know you had one. I'm glad that your are doing a good job in journalism ;)
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  2. I love this blog because it reflects very well the use of media in society. In my opinion I think it's important that people are kept informed of what's happening in the world but not only scientific articles also daily news, society, sports, humor ... I personally read the newspaper every day and I am connected to twitter to know what happens every second and of course also the famous facebook to stay connected to my friends network. Congratulations on a great blog!

  3. Congratulations on the blog! I really liked your last post. So "news à la carte"... This sounds like: "If each person is a world, Internet has a world for each person". On purpose, really good your explanation about the difference between public interest and public interest! Now, I understand it's not a mistake... xD

  4. I love your blog! And best of all the model, right? =) The theme in general is great, I mean that to see if you do not lose the habit and do not stop updating, and so continue seeing all those models who work with you!

    Congratulations!I L U